You can apply online. Visit website. Please double check your application prior to submitting. If you do have missing documents, an e-mail from the Admissions Office will be sent to you and your application portal will be re-opened to enable you to upload the requested documents. If you forgot your username and password you need to click “Forgot Password”. If it is your first login trial, please click Register button.

Visit website.

Documents zipped in one zip file to be uploaded are:

  • A photocopy of your international passport
  • High school diploma & transcripts
  • Scrat chcard details for applicants who have taken WAEC or NECO examinations
  • All previous university transcripts(For Transfer Only)
  • Passport-sized (approximately 6cm x 5cm)
  • English Test Scores (TOEFL,IELTS,IGCSE) If exist.

There is no need to e-mail your submitted documents unless requested by the Admissions Office.

Important note: You should upload  zipped file before you send.

For further assistance, please e-mail to or visit our live chat on our website.

You can make a bank transfer directly from your bank to the UMK account.

Bank account details are below;



Branch Code: 6807/TAŞKINKÖY


Account No: 0030228

IBAN: TR14 0006 4000 0026 8070 030228




Branch Code: 6807/TAŞKINKÖY


Account No: 0030214

IBAN: TR04 0006 4000 0026 8070 030214




Branch Code: 6807/TAŞKINKÖY


Account No: 0044810

IBAN: TR61 0006 4000 0016 8070 044810

You can request an official invoice by sending an e-mail to

To find out the status of your application, please login to your application portal using your username and password.

The admissions office contacts all applicants via e-mail as to whether the application has been accepted or declined.

No, the admissions office only issues letters electronically. You can find the letter from your portal and print a hard copy for visa purposes.

Submit the receipt from the portal,

Or, submit receipt to the e-mail provided ( and the admissions office will send you an acceptance letter.

You can begin the process of obtaining your visa from the Turkish embassy in your country. Before arrival, students should know that all flights to Northern Cyprus are connected via Turkey. Therefore,  students must obtain a TRANSIT VISA of the Republic of Turkey depending on their nationality. In order to do this, students should visit or contact the nearest Turkish Embassy/Consulate ( ) with the letter of acceptance issued by the university.

The Turkish embassy in your country are best suited to advise you on the specific requirements needed for the transit visa to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

The following instructions must be followed to complete the procedure:

  1. At the port of entry to TRNC, students must submit their university’s acceptance or invitation document to the migration officer to get a student entry visa that is valid for 90 days.
  2. After getting a student entry visa, students should complete their student registration procedures at the university.
  3. On completing the university registration, students should register to the ONLINE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM at the website of TRNC Ministry of Interior

Main Menu > Online Transactions > Student Permits

  1. For first-time registration, click the “New Registration” button and fill in the required information. After this, you can log in to the system with the username and password sent by SMS or EMAIL.
  2. For access with username and password previously obtained, click “Login”.
  3. After logging in to the system, students must follow and complete the steps described there.
  4. Please do not forget to take a “Foreign Student Registration Number” on the immigration system, and please do not lose this number. it will be needed for all official transactions.
  5. Follow the steps below for getting a health report.
  6. If you have a valid health report, click “I have a valid health report”
  7. Please go to the district hospital, in which the university is located.
  8. Get your health report certified, in that hospital.

        iii. Make your payment for the “health report fee”, via the system.

  1. If you do not have a valid health report, click “I do not have a valid health report”
  2. Make your payment for the “laboratory tests fee”, via the system.
  3. Get your lab tests performed in the laboratory in which the system provides its name and address.
  4. According to the health report, make your payment for the “immigration fee”, via the system.
  5. If the system shows that the Student Permit is ready, you may get your permit document from the Registrar’s Office at the university.

Yes, all international students are required to have a student permit in order to legally reside in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Yes, once you finalize your travel arrangements, send a copy of your air ticket to the Admissions Office and transportation from the airport to the campus will be arranged.

We have agreements with private dormitories in City Center. Our students can stay in these dormitories annually.

All UMK programs are accredited by YÖDAK (The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Higher Education Planning Accreditation and Coordination Council) and YÖK (The Turkish Republic Higher Education Council). You can find detailed information related to our accreditations and memberships webpage.