Implementing an education model involving modern teaching methods and techniques as well as practices necessary for professional knowledge and skills, we educate well-disciplined individuals who have effective external communication skills, high sense of responsibility and internal focus of control


Associate, Undergraduate and Graduate programs

With academicians who emphasize science and practice, our university offers total of 10 Associate Degree Programs in Vocational School of Civil Aviation, Vocational School of Business Administration, Vocational School of Culinary Arts, Vocational School of American Tourism and Hospitality Management; 10 Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Faculty of Business, Faculty of Civil Aviation, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Faculty of Law; and 10 Master’s Degree Programs in the Institute of Social Sciences; and 3 Doctorate Programs.

Our Goal

UMK intends to enhance quality of its education and to educate tolerant, confident and entrepreneurial individuals, equipped with world class professional knowledge, skills and competencies.

Vocational Education

Mission and Vision

Under common ethical values and in the light of science, our university is committed to educate tolerant, open minded and self confident entrepreneurial individuals who are equipped with world class professional knowledge, skills and competencies and responsive to domestic and international issues.

Our vision is to become a leading educational organization in our field.

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