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Our University

Founded in 2012, the University of Mediterranean Karpasia is set in Nicosia, the capital city of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). With its second campus established in 2014, the UMK intends to enhance quality of its education and to educate tolerant, confident and entrepreneurial individuals, equipped with world class professional knowledge, skills and competencies.

Our objective is to have our students learn scientific knowledge by experimenting as well as testing and researching in addition to using that knowledge in their daily lives.

Our Education Quality

We aim to teach by living, trying, seeing and examining with internationally recognized prestigious associate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.

Our Mission

Under common ethical values and in the light of science, our university is committed to educate tolerant, open minded and self confident entrepreneurial individuals who are equipped with world class professional knowledge, skills and competencies and responsive to domestic and international issues.







With its campus located in the city center of Lefkoşa, our university provides education in Turkish and English to international students from the TRNC, Turkey and other countries, with its modern education curriculum.

Education at
University of Mediterranean Karpasia

Implementing an education model involving modern teaching methods and techniques as well as practices necessary for professional knowledge and skills, we educate well-disciplined individuals who have effective external communication skills, high sense of responsibility and internal focus of control.

The University of Mediterranean Karpasia strives to reap benefits of academic research and studies by conducting education within production and putting into use the university – industry cooperation.

A d m i s s i o n P r o c e d u r e s

We welcome student candidates from all over the world with various interests, experiences, and different ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds to the AKUN Family!

You can fill in the information on and make your application.

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You are now closer to your goals with an uninterrupted scholarship available throughout your education period…


UMK provides academic scholarships for its students as an incentive for success, with most students benefiting from 50%, 75% or 100% scholarships or discounted tuition fees each academic semester.

Tuition Fees

AKÜN offers many scholarships and discounts in associate and undergraduate programs for its students. These scholarships continue unconditionally and uninterruptedly during normal education.

Tuition fees for International Students

  • Associate and Bachelor Degree
    /per semester
  • Master's Degree
    /per semester
  • PhD Programs
    /per semester

Life in
North Cyprus

Multicultural life with students from 140+ different countries…

Students from Different Cultures

With its deep-rooted history, natural and cultural riches, Mediterranean climate, clean air, peaceful and safe life, Northern Cyprus is among the most preferred countries for higher education with its students from more than 140 different countries. Northern Cyprus provides an ideal environment for education with its sunny and open air at least 300 days a year and the ease of life brought by its mild climate characteristics.

Student Clubs and Events

In our university, there are student clubs established in order to enable our students to carry out educational, health, sports, social, scientific and cultural activities in their extracurricular times, in different branches and fields.

It enables our students to develop their sense of belonging, sense of responsibility, teamwork, organization and communication skills with the spirit of UMK.

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