Aviation Management

Information about the program

As the aviation sector develops rapidly, there is also a need for multi-directional managers who can conceptually think at the same time and dominate operational-level activities, while also being able to quickly make decisions in the aviation sector where competition is intensifying.

The number of personnel needed by the sector is also increasing. There is a high demand in aviation management professionals who know international civil aviation rules and regulations, fluent in foreign langauges and are have highly effective communication skills.

The Aviation Management program aims to educate professionals to work in the management of aviation services and in airline enterprises. We aim to give this necessary education support and close the gap.

One of the booming sectors of the 21st century is undoubtedly aviation. The sector pertain versatile economic and technical equipment’s and this comparably brings about enhanced value. Due to its nature, the education provided needs to entail innovative, multi-functional and versatile theoretical and practical educationWe are following the dynamic nature of the aviation sector closely; therefore we strive to continuously update and excel our programs to adhere to standards of EU, ICAO and IATA. Our aim is raise students that possess competencies and skills that are shortlisted in the field of global aviation. We envision undertaking international and global strategic cooperation with various aviation bodies to enable us to create synergy in the upbringing of the distinct graduates.

Today, air transportation is one of the fastest growing sectors. Our students who receive quality education in the area of civil aviation management will have a chance to find employment anywhere in the world.

Why Aviation Management?

Today, air transport is one of the fastest growing industries. Our students have the chance to find a job anywhere in the world by getting quality education in the field of aviation management.

Career Opportunities

Students who graduate from this program can become managers in airlines, at airports, or leading service providers of aviation or they can form their own company related with their expertise.


1st SemesterCreditCourse Code
Introduction to Mathematics3MATH101
English I3ENGL101
Introduction to Computers3COMP101
Principles of Management I3MGMT101
Micro Economics3ECON101
2nd SemesterCreditCourse Code
Business Mathematics3MATH102
English II3ENGL102
Computer Applications3COMP102
Principles of Management II3MGMT102
Macro Economics3ECON102
Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkılap Tarihi0TARH100*

 (*) TARH100 will be selected by Turkish Students, TRKE100 by Foreing Students.

3rd SemesterCreditCourse Code
Basic Probability and Statistics3STAT201
Introduction to Accounting3ACCT201
Introduction to Civil Aviation3AVMN201
Organization Theory3MGMT201
Writing Skills3ENGL201
4th SemesterCreditCourse Code
Applied Statistics3STAT202
Public Speaking3ENGL202
Financial Accounting3ACCT202
Organizational Behavior3MGMT202
Flight Theory3AVMN202
Research and Publication Ethics0GEDC306
5th SemesterCreditCourse Code
Financial Management3FINA301
Aircraft Types and Phraseology3AVMN301
Meteorolgy (Annex III)3AVMT301
Aviation Law3AVMN305
6th SemesterCreditCourse Code
Airport Management3AVMN304
Small Business Management3MGMT304
Airline Transportation3AVMN306
Airline Management3AVMN308
Quantitative Methods3MGMT302
7th SemesterCreditCourse Code
Management Information3MGMT401
Human Resources Management3MGMT405
Air Traffic Rules and Services3AVMN401
Aviation Safety and Security3AVMN403
Area Elective3MGMT013
Career Development and Planning0CAR303
Aviation Seminar3AVMN405
8th SemesterCreditCourse Code
Area Elective3MGMT014
Area Elective3MGMT004
Area Elective3MGMT009
Area Elective3MGMT014
Major Area Elective3MGMT015
Aviation Seminar3AVMN402

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