Health Management Master’s Program

Information About the Program

The primary objective of the Master degree in Management of Health Institutions is to develop students’ strategic management and interpersonal leadership skills. The program also provides a holistic, comparative analysis of health care institutions in various countries, and highlights the networked approach and ethical perspective expected of managers in the health sector.

Core Modules:

International aspects of the health care system

Communication-based management functions and tools

Management functions and tools

Principles of responsible health care policies

Market-based management functions and tools

Key skills

The health care sector is currently undergoing a phase of rapid change and realignment. Coping with demographic changes, advances in medical technology and the resulting pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency is only possible with highly-qualified, professional managers and leaders.

Graduates will possess the high level of expertise needed to assume senior management responsibilities in the health sector. They will be able to draw on extensive knowledge of regional, national and international health care provision, and strike an appropriate balance between health-related and business considerations.


1st SemesterCreditCourse Code
Araştırma Yöntemleri3ENST501
Sağlık Yönetimi ve Organizasyonu3SGLK501
Seçmeli Ders3SEC1
Seçmeli Ders3SEC2
2nd SemesterCreditCourse Code
Araştırma ve Yayın Etiği0ENST520
Sağlık Politikaları, Ekonomisi ve Planlaması3SGLK502
Sağlık Hukuku ve Mevzuatı3SGLK506
Seçmeli Ders3SEC3
3rd SemesterCreditCourse Code

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