International Relations Master’s Program

Information about the Program

It provides a solid infrastructure in the field by analyzing / evaluating international relations theories, comparative policy, strategy and security and current developments in world politics within the scope of International Relations (IR) discipline. The program allows students to follow scientific literature and current sources in international relations and to develop independent analyzes with the identification of international problems as a result of the use of scientific data and theoretical approaches derived from this basic / current literature, and to develop strategy and policy recommendations based on these analyzes.

The main aim of this program is; Students will be able to contribute to the creation of national policies by providing them with a specific field science expertise in the framework of social sciences and international relations discipline and can use them at the level where analysis / evaluation can be made and to be able to interpret the domestic policy dynamics at a high level.

The main purpose of the program is to equip the graduates with the qualifications and the academic qualifications they will use in preparing future reports, analyzes and research studies. Students are able to use advanced English and intermediate second foreign languages when collecting information in the library and the internet, and they can apply to the information-processing technologies they need.

Why International Relations Program?

The IR department at UMK offers exciting courses from nationally and internationally recognized program that help students to understand current events in a larger context. Department also provides graduate students with an opportunity to learn about politics from a variety of different perspectives. Under the curriculum implemented, students acquire critical and logical thinking skills through verbal and written communication.

Those who have successfully completed the Master’s program can be employed in medium and high positions in public institutions and organizations, Private Sector and Thought and Strategy Centers, as well as having the opportunity to make an academic career in related fields.

Career Opportunities

The program prepares students for many intellectual leadership roles such as government agencies, the business community, the media, the academic world and international institutions. With the ability to solve problematic problems, the ability to analyze conceptually, and the detailed knowledge of countries and global dynamics, graduates can be employed at many levels of government, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and intelligence services, or at other levels of government or think tanks, banks, commercial companies, media organizations, advertising agencies, (NATO, UN, OECD, IMF, etc.) and non-governmental organizations.


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