Occupational Health and Safety Master’s Program

There are Business Administration, International Relations, Management Information Systems, Occupational Health and Safety, Administration and Inspection of Educational Institutions, Engineering Management, Accounting and Finance, Healthcare Management, Tourism Management programs affiliated to the Institute of Social Sciences of our university.

Information about the program

The purpose of this program is to educate students to be the future managers who will be able to evaluate the situation and events with an interdisciplinary point of view and follow scientific developments in international standards. The aim is to educate managers in different occupational groups who have the competence to plan the measures and prevent the factors that may pose a risk to occupational health and safety and possible accidents.

Why Occupational Health and Safety Program?

In the Occupational Health and Safety mater program, students are aimed to graduate with the knowledge and skills in terms of basic concepts and practices in occupational health and safety, and to engage their graduates in the work to improve the health level and quality of life of the employees.

Occupational Health and Safety is an element that takes care of occupational accidents and occupational diseases and encourages employees to work in safe environments and conditions and to improve both the work done and the work environment. The student who completes this program will receive a comprehensive education covering all these aspects.

In this program, students will get a comprehensive education covering following ares; the employer and the personnel responsible for the employees in the enterprises are required to identify any kind of effects that can cause accidents at the workplace, to take the necessary precautions, to determine the risks that can occur in the working environment and to avoid them, to analyze the risks that can not be avoided, to fight against risks, to improve the design of workplaces and work equipment, how to work and produce, to change the dangerous processes in the work environment to those that are not dangerous or less dangerous, and to develop a prevention policy, collective protection measures that the coherent and generic nature of the effects of factors related to technology, work organization, working conditions, social relations and working environment, personal protection and to give priority according to the measures, and to create workplace emergency plans.

Career Opportunities

Students who have graduated from the Occupational Health and Safety master program can have employment opportunities in many departments of public and private institutions. Graduates of the program will have the necessary information in designing and implementing job security scenarios in the Ministry of Health and health related services, making strategic plans related to the establishment of business security and occupational health, analysis and data evaluation, and crisis management.


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